Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The King of the Forest Preserve

George W. Dunne National (Forest Preserve Golf) ($$)
16310 S. Central Ave.
Oak Forest, IL 60452
(708) 429-6886

Located 30-40 minutes Southwest of Chicago, George Dunne’s mix of sloping fairways and wooded confines makes this course the crown jewel of the Forest Preserve group. Operated by Billy Casper Golf, this 7,200-yard course features water on 9 out of 18 holes and plenty of trees. The front 9 plays fairly wide, with a narrower back 9 winding its way through the Preserve.

You’ll need to think twice about taking out your driver on a few holes, notably the 4th, the 11th & the nearly impossible to par, 18th hole, all of which must carry large ponds, only to find landing areas with little runways. The punishments for driving through the fairways here are shallow bunkers and low hanging trees.

Tees for all skill levels. Hackers and beginners should bring extra ammo for errant shots. Between the water and woods, there are plenty of places for a ball to get lost.

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