Thursday, October 18, 2007

Diamond Dave is back!!!

Van Halen
Allstate Arena
Rosemont, IL
October, 16, 2007

I’m not going to write and tell the reader that the Van Halen concert was the music event of the year, but then again maybe you wouldn’t get it. Not unless you understand why David Lee Roth is someone who can still make you smile at the very sight of his.

Everyone at the Allstate Arena was treated to a two-hour, 20 odd-song mixed set of Van Halen’s radio friendliness and obscure rock anthems. Alex Van Halen came to the office and never lost a beat, sweating through a mid-set drum solo that brought the house down. Sixteen year-old Wolfgang Van Halen (son of Eddie) more than held his own, even with Roth seemingly patronizing the kid onstage. Eddie Van Halen was timeless, shirtless with cropped hair, blazing his way through the set with driving force and his signature hammer-on solos.

But back to Dave. Seeing DLR ham it up on stage was great, even though the voice has lost an octave or two and the leg kicks reek of lower back pains. Dave got most of the lyrics right throughout the evening, but when the words to ‘Dance The Night Away’ eluded him, even he had to smile at the folly of it all.

For this reunion was seemingly never supposed to happen.

Yet there they were, Dave and Eddie hugging and displaying amity for the crowd. The fans rocking out to their favorite VH tune. The drums were loud. The guitars were louder. The lights were bright. The air reeked of kind bud. The only thing that seemed out of place was the exorbitant ticket price.

But just to see Dave, it was worth every penny.

Set List (Unofficial)

You Really Got Me
Show Your Love
Running With The Devil
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Beautiful Girls
Dance The Night Away
Everybody Wants Some
So This Is Love
Mean Streets
Pretty Woman
Drum Solo (Alex)
I’ll Wait
And The Cradle Will Rock
Hot For Teacher
Little Dreamer
Jamie’s Crying
Ice Cream Man

Ain’t Talking About Love

2 Comentários:

Parisjasmal said... Yankee Rose? You got robbed. When they make the guitar talk in that song it is so Framptonesque and poetic. Memories.

AWWW so Wolfie was really on tour with them huh? I had read he may play guitar with them. That is cool. I loved Valerie Bertinelli on One Day At A Time.

I am glad you had a good time.
Loving your stuff. You make me laugh!


Goods said...

Everybody Wants Some was the song of the night... just my opinion.

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