Monday, October 15, 2007

What Is In Between 18 #2

Remember, this ever-evolving thing called 'In Between 18'?

Sometimes, epiphanies happen in the strangest of places, like the shower. You know the shower. We sing like nobody’s around when we’re in there and ideas come to us in moments of “Alas” and “Eureka”. Right around the part where I got shampoo in my eye during a stirring acapella rendition of Saint Dominics Preview, another idea came to me.

In Between 18 is:

A place where you can find my writings and reviews of golf courses, eateries, cultural points of interest and the like.

A place where you can find me.

A place where you can you can agree and/or disagree with me and my opinions, statements and other remarks.

A place where you can tell me where to go, even if I’ve been there before.

1 Comentário:

Lurie said...

Its always good with Goody
being a golfing partner with Mr. Jeffrey Goodman for over 10 years, i can vouch that he can hit a towering 2 iron about as far as anyone I know can hit their oversized canalope driver. For every golfer out there interested in learning, laughing, indulging and and wondering about the greatest game ever invented there is no one more qualified to be your guide that Mr. Goodman better known by his fellow comrades as Goody or Goods or in one case Travis but that was in Poland on a lot of vodka, some strange pill and a couple of non-english speaking waitresses that involved disco music and fishnet tights. Good luck and enjoy ....

I know i will

Best of luck in love and life....


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