Thursday, December 20, 2007

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I truly don't know who or what to believe, but i know the following to be true.

- every player in the last 20 years who HAS NEVER USED hgh, steroids or any performance-enhancing susbstance will ultimately have their statistics, accolades, etc... brought into question.

And unfortunately, this is unfair to the players (past, present & future) who stay clean and don't use.

Take the case of some members of the Chicago White Sox, who in 2003, considered refusal to the testing policies at that juncture, as a method of protest for more stringent testing measures:

Obviously, this would have caused a rift in the MLBPA and nothing ever came of it. But what the White Sox were saying at the time was something very prophetic.

Aside from understanding the negative side-effects of steroid/hormone use, they understood that a un-level playing field goes against the integrity & ethical grain of our National Pastime, something that is undeniably above their statistics and accolades.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be little or no action to address the issue then. To sit here and determine culpability between the players, the owners, Commissioner Selig or other parties is futile. Sure, there are more serious penalties now and all sides recognize how drastic the situation has become.

But what's done is done. And because the actions of a few people, the integrity of the greater good now comes into question.

Had this issue been addressed years ago, perhaps when the White Sox quietly protested, a lot of embarrasment could have been avoided.


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