Friday, November 16, 2007

Slow times, cold times

I'm in a regrouping phase right now. Believe me... more to come.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Andies starts, doesn't finish.

Andies Restaurant
5253 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 784-8616

Amongst the remaining Swedish blue & yellow laden store fronts of Andersonville is Andies Restaurant. A full menu of Greek & Middle Eastern dishes, table-ready house wine and friendly service awaits you.

Of course, feel free to start with some fresh Baba Ganoush & Falafel. In fact, parties or Four or more may do better by ordering ‘tapas’style, for the appetizers are truly fresh and savory. The entrees however are nothing to write home about. The Shawerma was a tad chewy and overdone, while the stuffed artichoke tasted like it was leftover from the previous evening’s dinner.

Andies also has a Lakeview location at 1467 W. Montrose Ave., about 8-9 blocks due South and one block West of Clark St.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bears hibernate. Your game doesn't have to.

White Pines Golf Dome
500 West Jefferson Ave.
Bensenville, IL 60106
(630) 766-0304

When golf season ends in the Midwest, most golfers will accept it with quiet dignity and forget about their game until the first decent day of Spring. It doesn’t have to be this way. The White Pines Golf Dome in Bensenville is only about 30-40 minutes from downtown Chicago and 5-10 minutes from O’Hare Airport.

Open 7am to 11pm daily (from November 1st to May 1st) the Dome measures 100 yds. x 100 yds. x 100 yds. (width x height x depth) with 50 practice stalls on two-levels. Practice your short game and aim for one of the three target greens, or take out your Driver and aim for one of the dotted flags hanging down. Lessons available by appointment.

The Dome’s practice tee is run on hourly rates; $10/hr on weekdays, $12/hr on weekends. You can also purchase a $35 member pass for discounted rates. No clubs? No problem. Used clubs and demos are available to rent. And if you’re really Jonesing for golf, White Pines has a computerized simulator.

Be ready for next summer and hit the Dome at White Pines.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Surfing the ironing board?

I’d like to use a quote from screenwriter/director Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia, Boogie Nights) who described the screenwriting process as, “…ironing. You move forward a little bit and go back and smooth things out.”1

That pretty much describes where I am right now with this ‘thang’ known as In Between 18. It kind of feels like when a surfer has no waves to surf, but the surfer must occupy their time with something like board shaping or exercise, something related to their passion and yet keeps them limber and ready.

Bear with me. There’s more to come.


1 Eszterhas, Joe; The Devil's Guide to Hollywood: The Screenwriter As God (hardback); p. 170; 2006-1st ed.; St. Martin's Press

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