Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Can't Miss BBQ, Don't Miss BBQ

The County Line BBQ
5204 RR-2222
Austin, TX 78731
(512) 346-3664

(photography by J. Polacheck)

Take a drive through the rolling hills of Austin and find yourself at a true bastion of sloppy, gristle-ridden Texas sustenance.

You may, if you wish, fault the author here, as he clearly ignored the “COUNTY LINE” neon roadside sign with the timed flicker of little pigs, as well as the large yellow script “RIBS” sign (also in neon) over the entrance. So before we go any further, I cannot vouch for the ribs (Beef or Baby Backs) because I didn’t order them. Sue me.

I ordered a combo platter of chicken, brisket and beef sausage with plenty of beans, Cole slaw and potato salad and a side of BBQ sauce to wash it down with… I mean, dip into. All meats at the County Line are slow cooked, juicy and tender on the teeth, making for some rib-stickin’ chompin’ goodness.

Even if you’re a Yankee, you’ll still be treated like a Texan. If you’re nice enough, they’ll give you a little sample of something if you’re curious about a certain cut of meat. It’s a good place for parties of 6 or more and they have daily “all you can eat” specials.

Bottom line: Go there and go there with an empty tank. And if you can, let me know how the Baby Backs taste.

1 Comentário:

Anonymous said...

legendary joint, the county line. did they look at you funny when you ordered chicken.

seriously though, nice field work goods.

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