Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eldrick vs. FIGJAM...hmmmm

The annual Tiger Woods/Phil Mickelson stroke play event starts today in La Jolla, CA at Torrey Pines GC.

Whoops! Make that the Buick Invitational. I certainly wouldn’t want to sell an American car manufacturer short. That happens on the NYSE every day.

But Woods and/or Mickelson may as well just assume victory this year. Between the two players, they’ve won this event 8 times (Woods-5, Mickelson-3) and has been won by either player 7 out of the last 9 events, with Tiger winning the last 3 years in a row. Aside from his Buick victories, Mickelson knows this course like the back of his hand, having grown up in the San Diego area. Woods has made Torrey Pines his launching pad, as he makes his annual pilgrimage for a Grand Slam.

This is what the New York Times wants you to focus on.

They made a mention of KJ Choi, who will be teeing off at Torrey Pines this week, too. Choi, to his credit, has notched a Tour victory already this year (Sony Open in Hawaii).

But let us all keep in perspective that even though their s*** don’t stink; Woods & Mickelson are still human. And there’s still 100-some odd dudes gunning after them each week. Dudes who are first time Tour cardholders. Dudes struggling just to keep their card again for another season. Dudes with names like Bubba, Boo, Rory and Charley.

Don’t get me wrong, Woods/Mickelson is as good a rivalry as Ali/Frazier, Michigan/Ohio State, Bird/Magic…hell, maybe even Lincoln & Douglas. But there are 100 some-odd stories playing on tour. Woods/Mickelson is just one of them… and it’s overplayed.

3 Comentários:

Cappy said...

Amen! Where's my boy Stricker? I-L-L-I-N-I

Goods said...

Stricker didn't enter the event this week. Troy Matteson in the clubhouse with a 7-under 65.

Is that you Wes Snider... is this me?

MonkeyPosh said...

I heart bumbley Phil!

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