Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The 16th hole at the TPC of Scottsdale (Stadium Course) is not that intimidating when you look at it on the scorecard: A 162-yard, straightaway par 3, with birdie opportunities available for precise shots.

Most notably, Tiger Woods’ 9-iron ace at the 16th in 1997 at the FBR Open was dubbed “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World”, as Thousands of screaming, proudly pickled fans cheered loudly and showered the tee box with every last drink from the bar. Woods made history and so did the fans at the 16th. It’s a highlight that is easily You Tube-able.

Ever since then, the drama has increased. Like Stadtler, Waldorf and the rest of the Muppets, the fans at the 16th have become so ornery that even the approach shots get assessed. Approach shots that find any space other than the dance floor are most certainly subject to a murmuring displeasure from the TPC faithful. A missed birdie putt from inside 10 feet may elicit a more annunciated response.

Not even an Arizona rattlesnake will have as bad a bite.

It’s a little chilly in Scottsdale, though. Looks like some below average temps in the Desert for this week’s FBR Open. For the 16th Hole fan, might I suggest a little Peppermint Schnapps to go with that hot chocolate? Or some Bailey’s for that coffee.

After all, you need your strength. You’ve got about 144 golfers to holler at tomorrow.

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