Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Texas Tea to Green

Wildcat Golf Club ($$)
12000 Almeda Road
Houston, TX 77045
(713) 413-3400

Sitting on an old trash heap, amongst the empty lots and sleepy Houston oil wells of yore lies Wildcat Golf Club, an undervalued 36-hole, links-style gem. As a precaution, the reader should always know that golf courses built on trash heaps tend to be windy
(See “South Side – Scottish Style”- http://inbetween18.blogspot.com/2007/09/south-side-scottish-style.html).

Good luck on the Highland’s 7th hole, a deceptive par-4 with an island-like fairway and a raised green at the top of a 90-yard, 45-degree slope. A Driver off the tee can put your through the fairway, so choose your club wisely on the Highland’s hardest hole.

The 7,000-yard Lakes course looks plush and enticing to play, but not when a 2-club wind is a factor. Less-experienced players will probably shoot a little better on the shorter, wider and more manageable Highlands course.

Most of all, Wildcat is a perfect example of one man’s trash being another man’s treasure. The clubhouse and practice facilities are first-rate and for the price ($75 Fri-Sun, $63 Mon-Thu), it is the perfect golf destination for the single-digit handicap and/or the plus-30 hack.

2 Comentários:

toejamn said...

Maybe someday we'll be teeing it up on The Hillside Stench Pile?

I hear the back 9 is very picturesque. However it can be a bit challenging, there are oversized diaper traps on 15 of the 16&1/2 holes. I would pay $75 M-F not to have to smell that thing ever again.

Goods said...

Perhaps try the Mount Trashmore Municipal GC (a stone's throw away from 3 Mile Island), where the specialty is watermelon rinds, orange peels and nuclear waste as 'hazard areas'.

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