Friday, February 15, 2008

They Don't Get It

Above every last B.S. piece of rhetoric from Congress that we've heard this past Wednesday, the following was not on the docket.

For all of the players who came through the farm systems of MLB teams and took it upon themselves to play by the rules and NOT use steroids, HGH, or any other league-banned substance, there was always a guy like Clemens, Pettitte or some other player who used a PED to get an illegal edge.

People like Roger Clemens (I'm pretty convinced he used), Andy Pettitte (admitted HGH use) and those players who used PEDs during their baseball careers most likely cost honest, decent players a shot at the bigs... and ultimately, their jobs; simply because the honest player wouldn't put a hazaradous substance into their body.

The players association, the owners and the league turned a blind eye this problem for far too long. And ultimately, with the release of the Mitchell Report the ethics of this problem came to light.

Which is... What does it say about us (players, owners, league) when we have ultimately rewarded 'dirty' players (players who have used PEDs) with roster spots and guaranteed money over those who decided to play by the rules and not use PEDs.

I believe it is this ethical issue that Congress isn't looking at, and shame on all of those gas bags in Washington for wasting all of our time like this.

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MonkeyPosh said...

You know what I think? It is not ILLEGAL so why is Congress wasting my tax dollar on this?
Shouldn't the baseball commission (sp?) be handling this and leave the GOVERNMENT'S money for important things like fighting CRIMINAL DRUG PUSHERS AND USERS? 98% of all crime in the greater Chicago area is in one way or another related to illegal drugs. Last time I checked, Roger Clements was not robbing houses, doing drivebys, or murdering innocent people for $50.00 to buy smack. I would rather my tax dollar go to getting the CRIMIANLS off the street--that impacts EVERYONE. Baseball only impacts those who care and personally I don't. Is it WRONG (the use of sterioids) --yes, but I think it says a lot about our society when we are more concerned with baseball players and what LEGAL (albeit not ethical) substances they put in their system to play a freaking game than our school systems, the homeless, and the REAL criminals in this world.
Sorry, there are so many more important things for Congress to spend millions of our tax dollars on.

Hugs to you!

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