Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bohemian Rhap-'zaa-dee

Pizza Metro
1707 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 278-1753/(773) 278-1765

The Roman-style rectangular pizza pies at Pizza Metro make a strong case for best pizza in Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village. The crust bakes to a perfect consistency of crunchy outside/chewy inside, with a thickness that is too thick for thin crust, and too thin for deep dish, thus making a happy medium.

Traditional Italian-American dishes fill out the appetizer, salad & sandwich portion of the menu. With fresh desserts and barista-ed coffee drinks for afters.

Sure, they deliver, but its small quarters and cozy makes it the perfect spot for a cheap date or flying solo. Small tables and counter seating make Pizza Metro more bohemian than your average pizza parlor. Don’t be afraid to go in and dine while reading the newspaper. It’s friendly, quiet and the food is worth the price.

Adorned with scarves and crests of European soccer clubs on the walls and with the heat of the oven fogging up the windows, Pizza Metro is a true pizza ‘joint’.

2 Comentários:

Stacey said...

I love Pizza Metro! Potato & Rosemary with chicken is my fav! Yay. :)

Dee dee goodee said...

Makes me hungry...keep reviewing I love your comments.

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