Monday, February 25, 2008

Dominating In The Desert

Was it even a contest?

Looking at the scorecard, pondering over what I watched yesterday, the answer is a definite ‘NO’.

Tiger Woods won his 3rd WGC Match Play Championship and his 3rd consecutive WGC event. The victim this time around was Stewart Cink, a fine golfer in his own right, but somehow could not muster enough mojo on the 2nd 18-holes (final round is 36 holes) to overcome Tiger’s strong 5-up lead.

Woods defeated Cink 8 & 7, a landslide victory in Match Play and is now 31-6 (wins-losses) in match play at the Accenture.

He surpassed Arnold Palmer and stands 1 victory short of tying Ben Hogan (64) for 3rd on the all-time list. Woods’ 63 victories in 218 events make him a winner in 29% of the events he enters.

About every 3rd or 4th golf event in which he starts, he wins it.

The numbers don’t lie. That is dominant.

And it’s safe to say that there may never be as prolific a winner in golf for the next 100 years as Tiger Woods.

Make that the next 200 years.

1 Comentário:

Anonymous said...

I don't ever root for him, but will agree that he dominates. Made me there a more dominant athlete in the sporting world? And I'm with you...will there ever be one again? I guess we can hope.

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