Monday, March 10, 2008

37 putts and a sunburn later…

So there I was, 3 hours early for a 12:30pm tee time, which is fine except it gives a guy a lot to think about before he puts a peg under it and plays in his first golf tournament… ever.

A lot to think about.

Thunderstorms had drenched the course at Winston Trails (Lake Worth, FL) and there was a 2-club wind (see the weather link below, I crap you negative) to boot.

But the clouds went away, the Floridian sun shone, the course dried out and above everything, I forgot to put on my sunscreen.

I practiced putts for about 30 minutes (off an on before my tee time) from about 10 feet in, using the wisdom of putting guru Cameron Strachan ( through every last putt:

Be as still as possible when reading the break. Body still, eyes still. Don’t linger too long over the putt. Just putt it, already. Count to ten. Breathe.

I easily missed 70% of the practice putts.

I carded an 88. Here’s the breakdown of putts on the day.

One-putts: 5
Two-putts: 9
Three-putts: 2
Four-putts: 2. That’s right. You putt everything in the hole in tournament play, no gimmes. You think 3-putts hurt? 4-putts make you want to bend your putter around your neck.

That’s a grand total of 37 putts on the day. All things considered, I liked my round. My putting, however, needs some improvement. If there is a ‘moral’ victory in all of this, it’s the fact that out of 18 holes, I made two-putts or less on 14 of them.

But I go back to the process and the routine that I have learned and used through Cameron Strachan and will hopefully evolve my putting struggles into an unconscious skill.

Once I do, a single-digit handicap will not be too far behind.

3 Comentários:

ANSAGO said...

Your problem is that your left hand is too strong. causing you to miss long and left.

Goods said...

actually, I left a lot of putts short of the hole. very weak. perhaps a weak left hand too.

Cameron Strachan said...

G'day Jeff,

I wish I could say that may putting system is an instant cure. Although it has been for many golfers, usually it takes 3 or 4 rounds to kick in. If you've been struggling for sometime it can take a while to break some of those bad habits that have become normal.

My advice is to stick to the process and trust that your natural talent will shine through. I used to have the putting yips so badly that seriously considered walking away from the game.

I still get nervous on some putts, but I'm better able to deal with the pressure and feel I have conquered those terrible yips.

I agree that 4 putting can turn you into a angry and frustrated golfer.

Stick with'll discover the magic soon and putting becomes so much more fun.

Good golfing,

Cameron Strachan

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