Friday, March 14, 2008

Harmon’s Full of Himself

John Daly had the dishonor of being uninvited to the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Florida after missing his tee time for the Pro-Am this past Wednesday.

To make matters worse, Butch Harmon, Daly’s golf coach, dropped him as a client, claiming that Daly’s alcoholism contributed to him being let go.

By the way, Harmon never called Daly to tell him this. He went to the media first and Daly had to find out second-hand that Harmon would no longer be his teacher.

Harmon said, "My whole goal for him was he's got to show me golf is the most important thing in his life. And the most important thing in his life is getting drunk.”

Granted, Daly is no saint. His battles with alcoholism have certainly taken a toll on his golf game and the fact that he missed his tee time certainly reeks of Jameson. Like him or not, is an incorrigible person and does things his way. He’s also got two major championships to his credit (’91 PGA, ’95 British), which is two more than a lot of other golfers on tour.

Therefore, I call B.S. on Butch Harmon and in a big way.

Harmon wants the public to believe that he was doing John Daly a service by trying to convince him that golf should be “the most important thing in his life”, as if Daly could be cured of his ills through golf.

Butch Harmon is nothing more than a golf teacher, pure and simple. He extols the virtues of his methods to potential clients in the hopes that the people, namely professional golfers will pay him good money in exchange for it.

For Harmon to suggest that he was there above and beyond the scope of golf is asinine. He was out for a paycheck, nothing more.

And whereas Golf should be a big part of any professional Tour player’s life, as it is part of mine as well… it shouldn’t be the most important thing.

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