Wednesday, March 12, 2008

West Palm Beach Golf Course (FL)

West Palm Beach Golf Course
7001 Parker Ave.
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
(561) 822-1591/(561) 822-1593

If there ever were a case to make for a ‘classic course’, then the WPBGC (I’m not typing out the full name throughout the course of this review) makes a strong case for being the Studebaker of South Florida.

The clubhouse has not been updated since 1947 and g-d bless ‘em, for they’ve even kept a sign in the pro shop showing the rates ‘With & Without caddy’. It was $3.50 & $2.50, respectively.

The course is a good mix of rolling fairways and tree-laden rough and best of all for the hackers, there is not one lake on the course. So leave the ball retriever in the trunk. But do not mistake the lack of water for a weak challenge. Any shot finding the rough will ultimately have a questionable lie, one that won’t allow for a clubhead to get square to the ball. Shade trees in the rough will also hinder approach shots.

WPBGC harkens back to the days pre-Golden Tee where a course didn’t need the bells & whistles of big lakes and undulating greens. The course layout forces the player to shoot straight with little room for rescue on errant shots. Distance here means nothing.

You may as well go to grandpa’s house, find his old Persimmon-wood driver, grab the first mashie you see and go play on West Palm Beach’s timeless track.

It’s worth every penny.

2 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

Back in 1986 I tea-bagged the cup on the 16th hole at that course.

Patricia said...

Sounds charming. I love feel of an old fashioned course.

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