Monday, April 14, 2008

Trevor’s Tear At Augusta

I don’t want to hear anyone say that Trevor Immelman’s 3-over 75 was a result of Tiger Woods and his transcendent aura whispering through the pines at Augusta... not one damn word.

Immelman did the impossible and essentially took a major championship wire-to-wire (he was tied in the 1st round with Justin Rose) and had enough strokes to hold any charge brought upon by Sir Eldrick of Anaheim.

Even after a double-bogey 5 on the par-3 16th, Immelman found the way to keep his composure and play great finishing golf, making par on the final two holes of tournament play. There’s ice water for blood running through Immelman, chilly and swirling course winds aside.

One Final Note of Nomenclature…

On the par-3 6th, Englishman Paul Casey noticed that his ball moved during his address. Remember, a ball is considered “addressed” when a player has taken their stance AND grounded their club. The penalty for this infraction is one (1) stroke and you must place the ball in its original position. If you are unsure of the exact original position, the ball must be dropped.

Casey immediately notified an official and assessed himself the stroke. After placing his ball, he putted in his ball for a bogey 4. A winner of the jacket he wasn't, but he was honest and gentlemanly about it on what was a trying day on the course.

May the golf gods remember and someday reward Casey's patience and rule-abiding ways.

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Anonymous said...

That's why they call golf "the gentleman's game".....good rules make good golf.

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