Friday, July 18, 2008

Damn You, Greg Norman!!!

You must have had a lot of free time on Monday when I put forth the suggestion on the “Golfers On Golf” radio show that you and David Duval had no business being at the The Open Championship at Royal Birkdale.

I believe I even used the phrase “didn’t deserve to be there.”

Norman, you wine-making, rainbow shark of a newlywed… you couldn’t make a PGA Tour tournament cut to save your life in the last the 3 years and only made 2 in the last 5.

Not only have you made the cut, but you're one shot off the lead, shooting Even-par in dreadful conditions on two consecutive days!

And you! David Duval! You Oakley sunglasses-wearing on a gray day bespectacled gimp. You’ve made over $16 million as a tour professional, but your last five years look like the average salary doled out to college professors at a liberal arts school in Wyoming.

You are tied for 4th with 6 other players including last year’s champion Padraig Harrington, Jim Furyk and Rocco Mediate.

All I gotta say to the both of you is… keep proving me wrong, you jerks!!!

2 Comentários:

Dee Dee said...

I'm going for Rocco Mediate....

Patricia said...

I'm definitely and categorically for Jean Van de Velde. He's contending...and wouldn't that be awesome.

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