Sunday, July 06, 2008

floG emoS ylaP ste’L

The attached picture suggests something "backwards", which will be the focus of this post. Notice how it looks like his butt is on the front of his body?

So let me get to the point...

Not that you’d want to ignore over 400 years of the game’s ancestral principles. Nor would any respectable golf course let you try.

But my wife, JP, (I’m now married, folks) came up with a novel idea the other day.

What if golf was played in reverse? That is, players would have to “tee off” with their putter from the green and try to make it to the tee box in as fewest strokes as possible?

Instead of putting the ball into the hole for a score on the hole, a player would have to land their ball on the designated grass tee box and cross the imaginary line of their respective tees. However, in order to achieve a final score on the hole, players must cross the line from the front of the tee box and not from behind.

For example, if I were playing from the tips (black tees) or in this case, “TO” the tips, I would have cross the plane of the black tees from the front end and not from behind the tee box.

The benefits of this newly discovered “Reverse Golf” or what I’ll term… FLOG.

You wouldn’t necessarily have to keep a driver in your bag and you would have to be more reliant on your long irons as well as your short game. However, the size of the putter’s head would probably get larger and evolve into something akin to the 460cc drivers of today

The game would be more environmentally friendly because wooden golf tees would be obsolete, opening the game to a new clientele of preservationists and tree huggers.

You decide… am I onto something? Or just on something? If you would like to see a diagram of this new game called Flog, let me know and I will send you the document.

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DC said...

I wouldn't have to worry about my slice off my drives either.

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