Wednesday, July 30, 2008

See With Your Eyes And Your Hands (if needed)

Again, we come to some simple course etiquette that needs to be addressed with some of you hackers out there.

On one occasion yesterday, while playing with my good friend and golf partner, David, we had trouble finding his ball, which we believed found an adjacent fairway after a errant, sliced drive. Although we cannot prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, we do know that a group playing on said adjacent fairway most likely hit David’s ball in error.

It takes all of three seconds (five seconds perhaps if you are over the age of 55 and/or have cataracts or macular degeneration) to bend downward and take a look. If the logo or marking is hidden and you are still unsure, pick the ball up and determine if it is the ball you are currently playing.

Bottom line: Do not address and hit the ball until you are positive that it is YOUR ball.

There is nothing worse than losing a Titleist Pro-V1 to some blind jerk playing a Precept Laddie.

And in Tour News... The Bridgestone Invitational starts tomorrow at Firestone in Akron, OH. Super-Long story short, it’s 7,400 yards from the tips and has only one par-4 measuring less than 400 yards (Hole #1 and it’s only 399 yards from the box). Advantage: J.B. Holmes

2 Comentários:

DC said...

Thanks Goods. I was on pace for a one-under 71 before that punk hit my ball. Rat bastard!

Dee Dee said...

Good reminder.....I'm guilty, which I', sure doesn't surprise you!!!!!!

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