Monday, July 21, 2008

You Wouldn't Argue With Arnie... Would You?

I’ve included a link to an article I read in this month’s Golf Digest that was written by one of the legends of the game, Arnold Palmer.

The article discusses ‘Course Etiquette’, but it’s the First rule that caught my eye, which was: “Don’t Be The Slowest Player In Your Group”.

Remember people, a course has a “Pace Of Play” to ensure that on more crowded days, the players adhere to the pace. That doesn’t mean that the “Pace” is always what’s posted at the course or on the scorecard. That is simply a guideline.

The “Pace” is essentially whatever is set by the first group and thereafter by the other groups following. This means that a course’s posted “Pace” of 4 hours and 15 minutes is nullified should the pace be actually running under 4 hours or less.

If you are holding up groups behind you with one or more open holes in front of you, you are slow…. PERIOD. I don’t care if you feel rushed. I don’t care if you’re trying to enjoy your day because invariably, all of us are. PLAY READY GOLF!!!
Or as my father would say, "If you're going to play bad... play bad fast." If you play slow, you’re ultimately pissing off the people behind you and the others in your group.
Here endeth the lesson.

2 Comentários:

dg said...

Two words (or is it one?):
SpeedGolf, aka "Hit and Run"

Think you could score a 65 in under an hour? How about dude below?

"The lowest score in competition is believed to have been shot by professional Chris Smith at the Chicago Speedgolf Classic on October 16, 2005. Smith shot 65 in just 44:06 for a speed golf score of 109:06."

'swat I'm talkin' 'bout!

dee dee said...

Thanks for the reminder....I do try to play fast even tho I play bad......extb

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