Friday, August 15, 2008

Bringing Work Home With Me.

Here’s something I learned during my job in the Pro-shop these past few months. And now, I pass it onto you. Use in good health.

If you’re ever confused about how your golf glove should fit, remember to trust your knuckles.

If you put on the glove and your knuckles start to hurt while making a fist, then go a size larger. Should the glove be too large, you’ll find that the wrist of the glove rides past the wrist bone and thus can cause grip problems and errant shots. The bottom of your glove should fit over, but come no lower than the bone.

Personally, I find the best golf gloves are the ones that get good tackiness to them with a spit on the leather and a rub in the palm, even when the leather is seemingly dried out and cracked.

For more information, contact your local PGA Professional or visit a tannery.

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