Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Duke University Sued… Again???

We all remember Andrew Giuliani as the apple-cheeked kid misbehaving to a Manhattan crowd during his father’s inauguration as the newly elected Mayor of New York City. Even ‘SNL’ got in on the act with Chris Farley portraying the immature Andrew and his display of over-exuberance reminiscent of a dog humping his master’s leg.

But you won’t see him do that to the golf coach at Duke University, O.D. Vincent III. According to recently filed lawsuit in Durham, NC, hizzoner’s son claims that an‘oral contract’ existed between himself and Vincent, to which a spot on the Duke golf team was promised. Giuliani also claims that Vincent jettisoned him off the team in an attempt to make the team smaller, even though Duke’s previous coaching staff recruited him.

Also mentioned in the lawsuit is the notion of a ‘Lord Of The Flies’ situation, in which current players governed and decided over Giuliani’s fate on the team, even though Giuliani had been cited for poor course etiquette during practice rounds and an altercation with a teammate.

Aside from the obvious reaction one may have as Giuliani portraying his immature, spoiled self yet again, one would have to ask not only if the Duke golf team needs him, but also if Giuliani needs the Duke golf team.

If Giuliani, truly wishes to play at a higher level and ultimately, make it as a professional, he could play in amateur events on his own or enter local contests for money, and not have to be under NCAA sanctions as a ‘scholar/athlete’.

Moreover, if Vincent had ‘promised’ Giuliani a spot on the team, I would have to believe that even daddy Rudy, being of great legal knowledge, would have advised his son to ‘get it in writing’.

The point here is that this whole episode is truly frivolous and if Giuliani is that good, he certainly could find the connections and outlets to make his dream come true.

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Dee Dee said...

Some people, and I guess Andrew Giuliani is one of them. believe that rules are made for everyone else. it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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