Monday, October 27, 2008

Big Hitter and Good Putter, the Llama

The maestro behind Llamas Handmade Greens, Mark Legenza, mixes craftsmanship and functionality behind his rustic wood-lined putting greens. The 8- and 10-foot designs are perfect for practicing those short money putts and the choice of up to 8 types of wood makes it easy for coordinating with your indoor furnishings.

He admits heartily, “I’ve never seen anything like it.” And he may very well be right.

He was able to put his handiwork on display in the Pro Shop at his local golf club (where he works as an Assistant PGA Professional) and the comments came flowing in. “It was just such a great feeling to see players come in the shop and take interest.” Legenza says.

Did I mention these were handmade? You can find out more regarding Mark’s delightfully deliberately-designed dance floors at

3 Comentários:

John said...

I like the greens, they look better than the standard matt look! I like your site, good blogs!

Parisjasmal said...

Do you remember on Sesame Street, that one bit where the kid has a pet llama with a jacked up grill, and it shows the kid and the llama walking down a street somewhere in Manhattan and there is a song playing that goes a little something like ....Me and my llama, me and my llama...going to the dentist OOHHHHH WEEEEEEE! Yes it's just my llama and me.
Your post just reminded me of that.

OH WAIT-I can prolly find it on to look it up.
Oh and did the package arrive to you safe and sound?


Parisjasmal said...

Lord help me...I found the damn thing. The SICKEST part is, I remembered the words almost VERBATIM or is it VERBATUM?

Whatever, turn off the NFL channel and turn up your volume for this little treat.

You are welcome.

Holy Crap--my word verification is Bongsizer. BONG SIZER--heh!

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