Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Golf Warm or Die!

Midwesterners have felt the chill everywhere. Football has started, you've begun to see your breath in the air, the leaves fall... BUT ALAS!

The golf bug is still inside of you.

No worry, says I.

Without question, warmth and protection from moisture are of the utmost importance.

(the author here puts on his nametag and best coat-hanger smile for the customer)

Let me first introduce you to the godfathers, or should I say Gore-fathers of protective weather gear. Gore-Tex's Sunice Ultimate Jacket for $400.

I see your neck hairs have jumped from your skin. Let's try another model, like this adidas ClimaProof Storm 3-Way jacket for $275.

Still too much? The do what the rest of the hackers (see photo) do when it gets cold and rainy... pretend it's a tailgate and layer-up.

3 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

You can see my neck hairs?
You are in my personal space.

Dee Dee said...

Where do you find those pictures?

Parisjasmal said...

Can you believe I have never tailgated? I think I rate it down there with Nascar, camping, tractor pulls, and other things that make me want to throw up.

Hope your day is fancy.
Do you still have your VW? I have to get a new car next week and I am thinking of a VW Tiguan.

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