Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay all of you douche bags, open your frickin’ ears cuz’ Mr. Mean is here to tell you something about golf.

A rain check means what it means. If you get rained out while playing golf, you can come back to the clubhouse and retain the monetary value of your round per the number of holes you haven’t played.

The key words here being “rained out.” If your back gives out on the 3rd hole, you don’t get a rain check. That means you’re too much of a wuss to be swinging a golf club in the first place.

If you ever ask me to give you a rain check on a sunny day, so help me god… A phone call will be made and an ass will be chock full of boot heels soon after.

Remember, rain checks are doled out ON DAYS WHEN IT RAINS, DICKNOSE!

4 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

you take your job way to seriously... lighten up! It is just a golf game!

Anonymous said...


Go eat a bag of dicks.

John said...

Ha ha nice blog, I agree.. you can't get rain checks on sunny days.. just because you started out with 3 doubles doesn't mean you get to get your money back..

Parisjasmal said...

Freeeeeeee--the language.
I am aghast. HA!

People are assbuckets.

Ok...I have not forgotten about adding you to my blog roll, but I am remedial and it takes me a long time to get it to work. I will take a ritalin today and make sure it works...oh look there is a butterfly.


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