Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend In Vegas… with Shriners

This weekend, Justin Timberlake hosts his very first PGA Tour event at TPC-Summerlin in Las Vegas. The Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open (hurts more to write it out than to say it) is one of the last ditch attempts to raise that position on the money list before being relegated to Q-school.

It’s no wonder some low scores are being posted. Matt Kuchar and Marc Turnesa are tied after 2 rounds, each at 18-under par, with Kuchar firing back-to-back 63s.


Bring on the fat white dudes and their little toy cars.

5 Comentários:

Dee Dee said...

Nice work.....Justin Timberlake is a terrific golfer..

Anonymous said...

I'm just post'n to try an cheer you up man!!!!!!I know its all in good fun...but geez....

We know golf is all but dead right now but how bout something positive?
Can I get a reference to N'SYNC or maybe how fat Joey is actually driving that last car in the Shriners parade pic you put up? Then somethin' like: How did Britney ever give up this this wonderful philanthropist for K'fed? Or: What about that one time I was playing behind JT and he and his crew waz playing slow, but they were real cool 'bout it (and drunk) so they bought my 4some a round. Then when we caught up to them again they said "not a prob bros. go ahead, play on through." Then he says "On a side note man, I'm playing on a totally legit rain check - cause it rained Wednesday. Oh, and by the way, is this your club I found in the trap back on 7?... See you on the 19th homie".

Bye Bye Bye?

toejamn :)
I feel like I used way to much punctuation just then...may you could post me up on that!

Patricia said...

JT is awesome. I never really understood those guy in the little, tiny cars though, what's that all about? :o)

Parisjasmal said...

Whom ever anonymous is up there (second comment), I love them and want to drink beer with them.
Adding your janky blog to my roll now.

Anonymous said...

Anything to blog about Justin Timberlake, huh, Goody?

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