Monday, November 24, 2008

Augusta Ch-ch-changes... again!

Augusta National President Billy Payne wants to "provide greater flexibility in the event of adverse weather conditions." This will be most notable on the 1st tee, which has been moved up to help "ease gallery flow." Greens # 1, 5, & 7 have also been renovated with new heating/cooling systems. Although the tee boxes have been lengthened, the home course for the Masters has been shortened by a grand total of 10 yards.

What is seemingly worrying Payne is the notion of a tournament suffering from lackluster scores due to inclement weather, the most notable of which is Zach Johnson's windy, cold 2007 victory, the highest winning score in Masters history. It is this notion of attempting to control adverse weather conditions that is irksome.

Not that Payne's changes to the course will automatically lower scores, but this golf and not Golden Tee. Part of the fun of watching professionals playing in tough weather is that they become more like us: mistake-prone, rattled...HUMAN!

2 Comentários:

Patricia said...

Originally the weather was an intrinsic part of the game. Now it's become an inconvenience.

The entertainment aspect has overtaken, and in the current crashing economy golf tournaments are going to need to do anything they can to get viewers. Pretty soon they'll probably have a poll dancer at every pin. :o0

Dee Dee said...

If controlling the weather is the goal then why not play all sports indoors?

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