Monday, November 17, 2008

Golf Etiquette... GET SOME!!!

Rick Pipal gets it.

Who is Rick Pipal you may ask?

For those who have always wanted to take up the game, but are afraid of embarrassing themselves on the course, Rick Pipal wants to provide you with an invaluable service. As the Creator/Owner of Duffy Mac Golf, Mr. Pipal wishes to influence people of all ages to take up the game of golf, but not without neglecting what he terms as the “essential components of the game.”

Thanks to Mr. Pipal’s workshops and his manual “The Golf Course”, the Royal and Ancient game has someone committed to informing all players about decorum and conduct on the golf course. The Duffy Mac workshops are great for groups, especially for beginners who may be going to their first corporate outing. “The Golf Course” manual is probably more suited for the hacks and ignoramuses who need a little detention session to read over what they’re doing wrong.

Duffy Mac Golf won’t help you lower your handicap, but it may very well keep you from pissing off your playing partners. Feel free to log onto his website for information about workshops, the manual and other nice promo items.

2 Comentários:

DeeDee said...

Welcome back....That's an interesting concept...wish I'd thought of it myself.

Anonymous said...

Does Rick Pipal know Ron Popiel? They could get together and make the pocket etiquette guide.


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