Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear President-Elect Obama:

Having voted for you in this year’s election, I wanted to wish you a hearty congratulation on your presidential victory. As a Chicago resident, I am also suffering through the beginnings of what will certainly be a snowy winter, envious of your recent round at the Olomana Golf Links on the island of Oahu. I probably should have guessed that you were a golfer, being that your formative years were spent living in Hawaii.

But I wanted to let you in on a little secret. What I am about to tell you Mr. President, is perhaps the most valuable non-classified piece of information you’ll ever receive during your administration (that goes for anything you receive from CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, FBI, et. al).

You’ll live longer and guarantee yourself 8 years in the White House if you install a GOLF SIMULATOR in the White House and NOT, I repeat, NOT a basketball court. I don't think I need to extol the virtues of the Royal and Ancient game, for much of golf's principles are analogous to our own human endeavors. Not to mention, it's a lot less physical on the body than hoops (I've heard you play some tenacious defense during pickup games, that can always come back to haunt you).

But that’s just my opinion.

I’m looking forward to the inauguration and wishing you the happiest of holidays to you and your family.


Jeffrey L. Goodman (Goods)

PS: Can a cabinet position be created for golf reservations? Or does that stuff get thrown to your under-secretary?

4 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

i like the redesign, goods. nice.

i'll look forward to stories of obama golfing any time over listening to tall tales about that lame-duck redneck and his fake-ass hay bailing ranch vacation baloney.


DeeDee said...

Nice new look!!!!

Good idea....maybe he'll listen to you????

Acemakr said...

A cabinet post? More like 3rd assistant to the 4th under secretary of all things sports? btw, thanks for the link - appreciate it.


Parisjasmal said...

He will live longer if he will QUIT SMOKING! A golf simulater would just be a sweet sweet bonus.

Happy New Year Free!!!!

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