Monday, December 01, 2008

Dimples Are For Dipsticks

Leave it to some dorks with a crapload of time on their hands to figure out how the dimples on a golf ball can be designed to, “lower the risk of a hook or a slice.”

At least that’s what Kyle Squires believes. A Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State University, Squires is part of a group studying how airflow affects a golf ball’s speed and trajectory, but they’re not using a real golf ball. Instead, a computer generates a golf ball’s surface and then simulates the movement of the ball through the air, measuring the flow across billions of points on the ball’s surface.

“What we’re looking at is an application in flow control,” Squires said. “That’s an interesting problem in airplanes, gas turbines and other things. Being able to manipulate flow in a device is a common problem, and in some of those areas, changing the pattern on the surface could be very useful.”

So perhaps technology is still not done with breaking distance barriers and manipulating an object’s path through space. But lets keep it confined to the airplanes and gas turbines of the world, Poindexter. The last thing the industry needs right now is another b.s. excuse of a marketing ploy. Our forefathers used some pretty crappy golf balls back in the day, and they still shot sub-80 rounds.

Remember, it’s not the ball that sucks.

2 Comentários:

deedee said...

wish I had thought of that!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in on the side of science and progress. If these guys find a dimple pattern that reduces drag by 10 percent, they'll sell it to Boeing and our ticket cost will ultimately go down.

And I'll hit a 475 yard drive, too.

Everybody wins.

Go, Poindexter!

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