Thursday, December 25, 2008

Don’t Cancel The Gym Membership Yet!

A fitness expert from Denver has recently concluded, after an extensive study that golf IS A SPORT, due to the calories burned while swinging the club and walking the course.

I did a little more of a background check on this story, figuring it for a joke. The name Dr. Neal Wolkodoff seemed like a play on words (Walkodoff = Walk-It-Off) and the website for the Rose Center for Health & Sport Sciences seemed eerily sterile of creativity. But it looked legit enough.

I hope I’m still not being fooled. Checking…. still no sign of a hoax.

Needless to say, part of the study concluded that golfers who carried their clubs burned more calories than golfers who rode in carts.

Dr. Walk-It-Off, here’s your prize: a pack of year-old chewing gum and a Chinese yo-yo. Please tell us something we don’t know.

Not to totally disrespect Dr. Wolkodoff. He’s not trying to advertise the game of golf as high-impact exercise, nor does he say that golf, in and of itself, will keep one fit. However, for as many calories are burned during the round… the 19th hole will generously provide it back to you in the form of beer and hot dogs.

Leave the calorie burning to the gym and worry about making par at the golf course.

2 Comentários:

Acemakr said...

I'm banking on the sport of golf being low impact. That way, my winter project might have a small measure of success.

Anonymous said...

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