Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fannie Mae is Messin' With Texas

The term 'oversight' is a more sugar-coated version of term 'f*** up', and you can certainly argue that the Fannie Mae office in Dallas achieved a big oversight recently. A $6000 golf outing took place for 14 Fannie execs in early November, 22 days after the Federal government took over the beleaguered mortgage institution.

"We regret that oversight, we were highly embarrassed by it, and we took immediate action to prevent a recurrence," said current Fannie Mae CEO, Herbert M. Allison Jr.

Some of the gifts in the outing 'goodie' bag:

- 24-karat solid gold Titleist Pro-V1
- bag of 100 cedar-wood golf tees
- coupon for $1000 off of golf lesson w/Hank Haney
- Chinchilla-fur hybrid head cover
- $500 in fresh, unmarked $20 bills

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DeeDee said...

When are Mr. and Ms. America going to have their day? Not that I'd want any of the stuff that they got in their goody bags, but come on.....these people have no shame...makes me wish for good old fashioned politicos like Rod Blago....who just wanted to sell a Senate seat and get a job for himself and his wife.

Parisjasmal said...


Parisjasmal said...

Hey--I like the new look. Very posh and golfy.

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