Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We May As Well Put ‘Em On Milk Cartons

I’ve noticed a lot more random golf clubs (wedges, putters, etc…) hanging around the clubhouse where I work. A theory I have is that these golf clubs, as well as other inanimate objects somehow grow legs and leave their owners. However, I am 99% sure that it is the owner who is at fault and will forget to return the club to their golf bag after use.

This makes for sad little clubs and sad little golfers.

Here are a few little friendly reminders to those who have left a club at a course (I have been guilty of this and will most certainly continue to be).

If you should bring a club other than your putter up to the green, leave it somewhere that will be impossible to overlook. I find that leaving the club on the flagstick is a good spot, for you are always going to have to put the flag back into the hole before exiting the green.

Keep a sticker around the shaft with your name, your phone number and/or the name of the club you belong to. This will hopefully expedite getting your club back into your bag, should the finders not be greedy enough to take it for themselves.

Count your clubs before and after you play your round. There’s nothing worse than to find out you’ve lost your club after you’ve played, especially in the car on the way home or at next week’s golf round.

And may the golf gods strike you down should you lose your putter… that is unacceptable.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bringing Work Home With Me.

Here’s something I learned during my job in the Pro-shop these past few months. And now, I pass it onto you. Use in good health.

If you’re ever confused about how your golf glove should fit, remember to trust your knuckles.

If you put on the glove and your knuckles start to hurt while making a fist, then go a size larger. Should the glove be too large, you’ll find that the wrist of the glove rides past the wrist bone and thus can cause grip problems and errant shots. The bottom of your glove should fit over, but come no lower than the bone.

Personally, I find the best golf gloves are the ones that get good tackiness to them with a spit on the leather and a rub in the palm, even when the leather is seemingly dried out and cracked.

For more information, contact your local PGA Professional or visit a tannery.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

North Shore Representin’ in the Pool.

Being a former high-school swimmer, I had to give some props to a local boy who made good at the Beijing Olympics last night.

Matt Grevers, a Lake Forest, IL native and Northwestern University graduate, took the silver medal in 100-Meter Backstroke final. He came in 2nd behind arguably the best backstroker in US Swimming history, Aaron Peirsol.

"I feel like it's gold after Peirsol," Grevers said. "This has been an amazing experience," Grevers said. "A couple of months ago, I don't think anyone thought I was going to make the Olympic team, especially for an individual event.”

Grevers holds 5 Illinois High School state swimming records including, you guessed it, the 100-yard backstroke.

Way to go, Matt!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Paddy and the Putter

Two numbers to remember from this past weekend’s tournament: 25 and 26. That’s how many putts Padraig Harrington had in the 3rd and 4th rounds respectively, including 3 one-putts on 16, 17 & 18 in the final round to clinch the PGA Championship at Oakland Hills, thus proving to everyone what the most important club in the bag really is.

He’s the 1st foreign-born player to win back-to-back majors since Nick Price (1994, British & PGA) and the 1st European player to win the Wanamaker Cup in 78 years (Tommy Armour-1930).

What a year it’s been for Paddy. He’s probably already eyeing Augusta for 3 majors in a row. And he’ll be checking Tiger’s knee progress to boot.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Raining On Their Parade

With play suspended for the 3rd round of the PGA Championship, 6 players will have to brave 36 holes of The Monster. It’s not fair, but then again… Have the golf gods even been fair to anybody?

For David Toms, Henrik Stenson, Ben Curtis, Justin Rose, Charlie Wi and J.B. Holmes the golf gods are looking extremely vengeful.

I don’t care who you are: Professional, Amateur, Hacker, etc… 36 holes in one day is not easy. At a certain point, the shoulders and back will feel the effects of swinging a golf club over 140 times and you better have some analgesics in your bag.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Two More Rounds To Glory

Oakland Hills lets nobody off the hook. Even after a weather delay on Thursday made a Friday more attractive with softer greens, only one player remains in the red and perhaps rightfully so, it’s big hitting J.B. Holmes and his 311 yd. Driving Distance avg. that leads at 1-under.

That can all change, depending on the weather and how the course dries out throughout the day. Don’t be surprised if some players make big jumps up and down the leaderboard. Meaning that even guys like Corey Pavin (currently +10), Rocco Mediate (+7) and Ernie Els (+6) still have a chance to make a run to the top.

Talk about a tale of two 9s, South African Charl Schwartzel (who started Friday from the 10th tee) went 4-over on the front and then 4-under on the back, with 4 straight birdies on holes 4 thru 7. It was good enough to make the cut and leave him at +7 for the tournament.

My man-crush on Jeev Milkha Singh continues, even after posting a 4-over 74 yesterday. Currently tied for 7th, he’s still in the hunt. He’s got a nice easy swing and always seems to put up a decent fight in Majors, like the T25 he had back in April at Augusta. Go Sir Jeev!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Who’s To Beat at ‘Glory’s Last Shot’?

There are too many good players in the field this week at the 90th PGA Championship at Oakland Hills, and it’s tough to say who can, like Ben Hogan once claimed, ‘tame The Monster’.

It’ll be easy to tame Tiger Woods, he’ll be watching it on his gazillion-inch Hi-Def at home from the confines of his all-in-one La-Z-Boy/Gulfstream Jet/American Standard Toilet w/automatic flush (see the latest Sharper Image catalog).

And if there’s one opening round pairing for him to watch, it would be one teeing off on the 1st Hole, Thursday afternoon at 2:15pm.

Rory Sabbatini aka “Tiger is Beatable” and Ian Poulter aka “Just Me and Tiger” get to chew the fat over how their favorite golfer (read as: the guy they’re gunning for) isn’t around for them to challenge.

Ultimately, just like Ty Webb said to Dr. Beeper, they’ll have to just keep ‘beating themselves’.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Duke University Sued… Again???

We all remember Andrew Giuliani as the apple-cheeked kid misbehaving to a Manhattan crowd during his father’s inauguration as the newly elected Mayor of New York City. Even ‘SNL’ got in on the act with Chris Farley portraying the immature Andrew and his display of over-exuberance reminiscent of a dog humping his master’s leg.

But you won’t see him do that to the golf coach at Duke University, O.D. Vincent III. According to recently filed lawsuit in Durham, NC, hizzoner’s son claims that an‘oral contract’ existed between himself and Vincent, to which a spot on the Duke golf team was promised. Giuliani also claims that Vincent jettisoned him off the team in an attempt to make the team smaller, even though Duke’s previous coaching staff recruited him.

Also mentioned in the lawsuit is the notion of a ‘Lord Of The Flies’ situation, in which current players governed and decided over Giuliani’s fate on the team, even though Giuliani had been cited for poor course etiquette during practice rounds and an altercation with a teammate.

Aside from the obvious reaction one may have as Giuliani portraying his immature, spoiled self yet again, one would have to ask not only if the Duke golf team needs him, but also if Giuliani needs the Duke golf team.

If Giuliani, truly wishes to play at a higher level and ultimately, make it as a professional, he could play in amateur events on his own or enter local contests for money, and not have to be under NCAA sanctions as a ‘scholar/athlete’.

Moreover, if Vincent had ‘promised’ Giuliani a spot on the team, I would have to believe that even daddy Rudy, being of great legal knowledge, would have advised his son to ‘get it in writing’.

The point here is that this whole episode is truly frivolous and if Giuliani is that good, he certainly could find the connections and outlets to make his dream come true.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Want to know what pressure is?

Sinking a 4-foot putt on the 18th green for $1.35 million bucks, with two guys right behind you on the leaderboard, aching for a playoff.

That’s ‘ice-water for blood’ cool, my friends.
Way to go, Vijay on your victory at the Bridgestone Invitational!

Watch Out For That Creek!

Poplar Creek Country Club
1400 Poplar Creek Dr.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

(847) 781-3681

At 6,300 yards and a course-par of 70, golfers will find Poplar Creek Country Club undemanding of a Driver off the tee box. That doesn’t mean it’s not a challenge. With water reachable on 14 out of 18 holes and heavy tree-lined fairways, Poplar Creek demands a straighter ball over the distance.

Don’t let the ‘Country Club’ moniker fool you either. Poplar Creek is a ‘Muni’, owned and operated by the Hoffman Estates Park District, which means that it’s subject to every last etiquette-ignorant hacker in the area. This was most noticeable on the greens, which looked like nobody had fixed a ball mark since the Clinton administration.

However, the author can attest to their outing and banquet services as being friendly, courteous and accommodating, with a large ballroom on the upper-level as a good venue large parties.

The golf carts have an accurate GPS system and the beverage carts were well-stocked and ever present on a hot and humid day, during one of those 5-hour outings we’ve become accustomed to trudging through.

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