Monday, October 27, 2008

Big Hitter and Good Putter, the Llama

The maestro behind Llamas Handmade Greens, Mark Legenza, mixes craftsmanship and functionality behind his rustic wood-lined putting greens. The 8- and 10-foot designs are perfect for practicing those short money putts and the choice of up to 8 types of wood makes it easy for coordinating with your indoor furnishings.

He admits heartily, “I’ve never seen anything like it.” And he may very well be right.

He was able to put his handiwork on display in the Pro Shop at his local golf club (where he works as an Assistant PGA Professional) and the comments came flowing in. “It was just such a great feeling to see players come in the shop and take interest.” Legenza says.

Did I mention these were handmade? You can find out more regarding Mark’s delightfully deliberately-designed dance floors at

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dispelling Distance

I came across this nice little e-article from Titleist, giving notice to those who place value on club speed and distance off the tee.

Of course, Dick Rugge, Senior Technical Director for the USGA knows better, as his job is to regulate the tools a golfer can use so that “skill remains the most important tenant of the sport.”

Rugge’s use of the word ‘tenant’ in this instance refers to a lessee. Hence ‘skill’ is now a paying customer of the game as opposed to a tenet, which refers to a rule or ideology. Where was the editor on this piece?

Anyway, what Honorable Rugge proposes is right. Faster swing speeds do not equate to greater distance off the tee. Longer hitters on tour don’t necessarily win more money. Accuracy off the tee is not the indicator of success as it was over 20 years ago. My point? Read the article and recall it again after you bomb your drive over 290 yards, only to 3-putt from 8 feet in.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Golf Warm or Die!

Midwesterners have felt the chill everywhere. Football has started, you've begun to see your breath in the air, the leaves fall... BUT ALAS!

The golf bug is still inside of you.

No worry, says I.

Without question, warmth and protection from moisture are of the utmost importance.

(the author here puts on his nametag and best coat-hanger smile for the customer)

Let me first introduce you to the godfathers, or should I say Gore-fathers of protective weather gear. Gore-Tex's Sunice Ultimate Jacket for $400.

I see your neck hairs have jumped from your skin. Let's try another model, like this adidas ClimaProof Storm 3-Way jacket for $275.

Still too much? The do what the rest of the hackers (see photo) do when it gets cold and rainy... pretend it's a tailgate and layer-up.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend In Vegas… with Shriners

This weekend, Justin Timberlake hosts his very first PGA Tour event at TPC-Summerlin in Las Vegas. The Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open (hurts more to write it out than to say it) is one of the last ditch attempts to raise that position on the money list before being relegated to Q-school.

It’s no wonder some low scores are being posted. Matt Kuchar and Marc Turnesa are tied after 2 rounds, each at 18-under par, with Kuchar firing back-to-back 63s.


Bring on the fat white dudes and their little toy cars.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay all of you douche bags, open your frickin’ ears cuz’ Mr. Mean is here to tell you something about golf.

A rain check means what it means. If you get rained out while playing golf, you can come back to the clubhouse and retain the monetary value of your round per the number of holes you haven’t played.

The key words here being “rained out.” If your back gives out on the 3rd hole, you don’t get a rain check. That means you’re too much of a wuss to be swinging a golf club in the first place.

If you ever ask me to give you a rain check on a sunny day, so help me god… A phone call will be made and an ass will be chock full of boot heels soon after.

Remember, rain checks are doled out ON DAYS WHEN IT RAINS, DICKNOSE!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Holding Up Play...

So I've taken a bit of time off from the baby known as In Between 18. Nothing new or worrisome, of course, until there's an actual baby involved.

As you know, the golf season is dwindling down to its last few days, or whenever the weather cooperates, which can change... just wait 5 minutes or until I hear something from the superintendent. I make no promises, that's for politicians, and we know how empty those can be.

I can just tell you that I'm in a good place and that things are good on all fronts. Although this winter doesn't hold much for Tour coverage or happenings on golf courses, there will still be things to write about... I'll just have to find them, and find myself while I'm at it.


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