Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Approach This, Ellison!

CES 2009 starts tomorrow in Las Vegas. As the largest Consumer Electronics expo in the world, CES has debuted a plethora of technology, so its no wonder that golf has its place at the convention, namely with GPS (Global Position Satellite) devices.

Garmin’s Approach G5 (pictured at right) provides accurate distance to the pin, has a scorecard feature and conforms to R&A/USGA specifications. Up front, its a good little gadget to assist a golfer on one of the thousands of pre-loaded courses the G5 has in its hard drive.

However, PC Mag’s Craig Ellison’s and his article, ‘How Can a GPS Help Your Golf Game? Ask Garmin,’ are way off course. Not that Ellison is necessarily trying to proselytize the reader to his glowing review, but if you ‘want to slice a few strokes off your golf game,’ as Ellison suggests, this device can help.

For lack of a better comment, Ellison’s claim of the Approach G5 as a stroke saver is akin to saying that a subscription to Hustler Magazine will help you get laid.

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