Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Holy Crap, It’s Tour Season Again?

The 2009 PGA Tour will make its usual opening in Hawaii, with this week’s Mercedes-Benz Championship featuring a small field of 33 players, each of whom won a PGA event from the previous season.

Some stories do loom, aside from those that made it to Kapalua this week:

Tiger’s comeback is near and his rehabilitated knee will most certainly be put to the test, but at what venue? Anthony Kim looks prime to keep his young career going, hopefully with a Major not too far in the distance. Can Padraig Harrington keep his Irish eyes smiling with a win at Augusta?

Familiar names are back on tour after going through the Q-school grind. Harrison Frazar, John Huston and Notah Begay III have had success on the Tour before, and could certainly make their way towards the top of the money list.

Back to Kapalua…

If anything, this week’s opener is a reason for couch slumber and a hi-def signal pulsating through the pupils. For those in colder climates can live vicariously through the television, whisking us away ‘Calgon’-style to the plush Bermuda, reminding us that although it’s still January… there is still good golf to be had in all of its unblemished beauty.

5 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

Golf in January? Is like sex in the afternoon! Not expected but always a pleasure. I believe the lyric goes - Afernoon Delight!

I'm looking forward to another PGA season and what better way to kick it off than on our most beautiful state...


Dee Dee said...

Wouldn't it be nice to celebrate the opening of the golf season with a trip to Hawaii???????

Anonymous said...

Are you commishing a Golf fantasy league this year? I'm in.

Jeff Goodman (Goods) said...

I can. Who's interested?

Anonymous said...

toejamn is always up for some degenerate gamblimg untim MLB starts. I played one on sportingnews.com a while back and it was OK.

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