Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Rise and Fall of the GMO?

For those that aren’t lucky enough, or even in some cases willing (like Kenny Perry last year) enough to travel across the pond and play in the Open Championship (aka The British Open) there is a little PGA tour stop in Milwaukee on that very same weekend.

Despite the lack of star quality, the U.S. Bank Championship, aka the Greater Milwaukee Open (GMO) has been a part of professional golf since 1940, with a notable role in PGA Tour history, as Tiger Woods made his debut as a professional at this tournament in 1996.

However, the current sponsor, U.S. Bank has decided not to re-new its sponsorship for this year’s tournament. Although no comment was given as to the reason why U.S. Bank was pulling out, Murphy’s Law suggests that the recent economic downturn would probably be the most apparent reason… and rightfully so.

The editors at IB18 are unsure as to what will happen to this tournament should a corporate sponsor not be willing to fork up purse money and as a result, get some decent face time. But we are more than happy to suggest other potential sponsors (and maybe not so corporate) that would not only be a good representative of the game of golf, but perhaps a representative of the city of Milwaukee and/or ‘America’s Dairyland’. Mars Cheese Castle gets my vote. This staple of Interstate 94 in Kenosha has been part of Wisconsin’s adoration of cheese and its by-products ever since the Land ‘o’ Lakes Indian Princess flashed Lewis and Clark on the Green Bay Trail.

4 Comentários:

The Reverend said...

Something tells me this isn't the first Corporate Sponsor we're going to see jump ship.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Kopps.
Flavor of the day - Tiger Carmel Swirl


Anonymous said...

I hope flagging corporate sponsorships pave the way for forced incentive clauses, performance clauses, and salary caps for nearly all pro athletes.

A-Rod makes $45K per at-bat and you are refinancing your mortgate, if you can at all? Who on earth still believes the owners are paying salaries?

Cost is cost. If financial institutions can't absorb incremental costs in this distribution of wealth scheme, we all better start getting up from our naps.

DeeDee said...

Ah....Mars Cheese Castle....Happy memories!!!!!

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