Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ryo From Across The Sea-O

Perhaps I should be shot for that headline, but Ryo Ishikawa, a 17-year old Japanese golf wunderkind, just may be worth the hype.

He won his first professional tournament (Munsingwear Open/KSB Cup) at age 15 on the Japanese tour and is recognized as THE youngest winner of a tour event, EVER. This past season, he finished 5th on the Japan money list and is currently 60th on the World Golf Rankings.

Americans will get a first glimpse at Ryo’s golf game at the upcoming Northern Trust Open (Feb. 19-22) and again at the Arnold Palmer Invitational (Mar. 26-29).

Ishikawa may be known in Japan as the “Bashful Prince” but he is certainly not shy about his golf skills. Says Ryo, "I want to play against the world's best players. I want to be like Tiger Woods."

The editorial staff here at IB18 certainly doesn’t want to dissuade young Ryo from his endeavors. However, he may do himself more service my becoming the first Ryo Ishikawa and not the next Tiger Woods. After all, as a golf professional he’s accomplished more at a younger age than when Tiger was age 17.

Nor would it surprise us if he takes Woods the distance (perhaps even beat him) at the Arnie Invite, where Woods is defending champion.
Hype aside, Ishikawa may very well be the real deal.

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The Reverend said...

I was unaware of this fellow. Tx for the head's up, I'll be watching come the Northern Trust...

goooooood girl said...

your blog is very good......

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