Friday, January 23, 2009

Ryo, Oh-Me-Oh, Oh-My-Oh

And for that headline, I should be shot twice and have my body donated to a ritual sacrifice in French Guyana.

But Ryo ‘The Bashful Prince’ Ishikawa keeps the fortune coming with an invitation to this year’s Masters. In a statement from Augusta National President Billy Payne, "At a young age, Mr. Ishikawa has shown the skill and competitiveness to make him a deserving recipient of this invitation."

This all may seem like hype and we here at IB18 are shrewd about the excitement we dole out to certain golfers, but just to reiterate, this 17-year old kid from Japan:

- Has won 3 times on the Japanese PGA Tour (Twice in 2008)
- Is the youngest person to ever win a PGA sanctioned event (15 years, 8 months)
- Is the youngest person to ever win more than 100 million Yen (1.1 million USD) in a season
- Is currently ranked 60th in the world

All of this may not seem like much to the average schmo, or even the biggest of golf fanatics, but the interest of IB18 has been triggered. For we understand that some card-carrying professional golfers:

- Will never win a tournament
- Will never win more than $1 million in a season
- Will never break the top 100 on their tour, let alone in the World rankings

You can holler all you want about Ryo Ishikawa just being another golf wunderkind from down the pike and claim that he’s not ready to face big competition in the United States... The evidence suggests otherwise.

3 Comentários:

The Reverend said...

This is great news...I can't wait to see what he does state side.

Patricia said...

I love Ryo!!

How awesome that he's playing in the Masters. He's a pop culture idol in Japan, so the Japanese paparazzi will be all over Augusta this spring.

The Reverend said...

I wonder how Hootie will feel about that?

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