Monday, January 26, 2009

Tax This, Schwarzenegger!

It’s really hard to completely lambast an elected official especially when he/she is not from your home state, or home country for that matter. This might be Ahhhhhh-nold’s best attempt at an ‘Anschluss’ since the Nazis pulled one on his home country back in 1938.

Gov. Schwarzenegger recently proposed a state-wide ‘golf tax’ which would apply to all charges involved with a round of golf: greens fees, cart rental, etc… Needless to say, we here at IB18 extend a hearty middle finger in the Governator’s direction and we run away quickly before the lasers start shooting from hizzoner’s eyeballs.

It is also the opinion of the editors at IB18 that Herr Governor of Californiendorfen has a golf handicap index that is raising over 30. Why else would he punish other golfers with a pointless and malicious tariff on a specific recreational activity unless he sucked at it? Make his USGA Hanidcap Index number of public record, harupmh, harumph!

Tax the skiers and snowboarders we say! Leave us golfers some money for a hot dog and a cold drink at the turn!

And take some golf lessons, Arnold.

2 Comentários:

The Reverend said...

As if golf in California isn't expensive enough already.


DeeDee said...

That's hysterical....I wonder what the other Arnie has to say about this?????? Next thing you know they'll be taxing Little League.

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