Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank You, Nathan J. Easler!

It isn’t flashy, full of pictures and visually appealing… and it doesn’t need to be.

Nathan Easler’s blog Golf Stats: The Numbers That Matter is satisfyingly full of statistical nuggets disseminated for your reading pleasure, combining the news of the week from the PGA Tour along with various statistical data and tidbits from tournament play.

Easler is not trying to use stats as an absolute measuring stick of a player’s success on tour. He readily admits that “any player's efforts are summarized by an absolute and final statistic: his or her score. However, as any visitor to the 19th hole knows, the story of the game cannot be told in full by the tally at the end of the round.”

Whether certain statistics are connected or mutually exclusive from the final score, Easler is able to successfully decipher the enigmatic language of Golf and brings to the table an honest, thorough, objective and concise e-read for the golf junkie.

On behalf the rest of us golf bloggers (who aren’t the best of numbers crunchers) In Between 18 gives Golf Stats a hearty golf clap and thanks Easler for his due diligence.

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The Reverend said...

The golf nerd in me thanks you...

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