Thursday, January 15, 2009

They’re Not Just For Golf Courses Anymore

Not that a golf cart will help anyone in Chicago traverse the icy, snow-ridden, pothole-laden streets this winter, but there have been worse programs laid out by local governments.

As a ‘green’ initiative, Mayor Daley and the city of Chicago have unveiled the NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle), which has been described as a ‘golf cart on steroids.’ The NEV has all of the bells & whistles one may find with their current car, but like a golf cart, runs solely on electricity. Unlike a golf cart, the NEV tops out at 35 MPH. In addition, an ordinance may pass which would allow city dwellers to own and operate an NEV, which would set someone back about $12,075 ($12,000 for the car, $75 for the city sticker).

Because of its low speed, the NEV will most likely be relegated to side street use only. And for those of us with discriminating taste… How will you pimp your NEV? Chain-link steering wheel, gold rims, dingle balls on the dash?

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The Reverend said...

I don't know what to say about that.....????

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