Monday, February 09, 2009

Famous Sports Ouchies

Tiger Woods (who’s a father again… mazel tov) will soon be returning to the PGA Tour, repaired knee and all. Aside from the hoopla surrounding his return, it will be interesting to see what effect, if any, that the knee will have on his golf game. Tiger’s patellar region will always be at risk and thus beckons the question, how much longer can the knee sustain Tiger’s kinetically powerful swing?

It got the editors here at IB18 thinking about other famous sports injuries:

Tommy John (MLB Pitcher) –Tommy John’s season was cut short in 1974 due to a damaged ligament in his pitching arm. So in a revolutionary surgical procedure, Dr. Frank Jobe replaced the damaged ligament in his pitching arm (his left) with a fresh, undamaged ligament from his right arm. In 1976, John went 10-10, but won the NL Comeback Player of the Year and went on to pitch for another 13 MLB seasons. His career literally saved by the procedure, the surgery would forever be linked to his name (thus known as Tommy John surgery), with countless MLB pitchers following suit to this very day.

Joe Theismann (NFL QB) – Mr. ‘Rhymes With Heisman’ had his career effectively end on Monday Night Football thanks to his leg literally snapping in two during a large pile up. Off of a flea-flicker, Theismann dropped back and was sacked by Lawrence Taylor along with the rest of the NY Giants defensive front. Taylor, in an ambiguously magnanimous act, called out furiously to the Redskins sideline, knowing the severity of the injury that had just occurred.

Clint Malarchuk (NHL Goalie) – Blood on the ice never looked so scary. In what is probably the most graphic injury in sports history, Buffalo Sabres Goalie Clint Malarchuk had his throat slit from a player’s skate. Enough said… watch the video if you dare.

Dave Dravecky (MLB Pitcher) – Having just overcome a tumor in his pitching arm, Dave Dravecky was a true success story on August 10th, 1989, when he returned to the majors and logged 8 innings in a victory over the Cincinnati Reds. However, in his next start, while pitching to Tim Raines in the 6th, the humerus bone snapped in his pitching arm, felling Dravecky to the ground. A sad ending to an awe-inspiring comeback.

Tom Brady (NFL QB) – Not that this injury was totally out of the ordinary, but the editors at IB18 laughed at this injury for the following reasons:
1) It happened in Week 1 of this season and sent every last Patriots fan to the gas pipe.
2) It probably screwed the season of every last dummy who took Tom Brady in the 1st Round of their Fantasy Football draft.
3) It happened to a Bill Bellichick-coached Patriots team and it’s always easy to hate both.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant! Malarchuk's injury is by far the grossest of all time. Other possible nominee's:

Terrel Davis and Jamal Andersen (ACL)

John Agay Broken leg HPHS

Good stuff Goods...keep it coming...


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