Friday, February 06, 2009

Fiscal Responsibility = Good Enough

Good job by Forest Preserve District of Lake County to crunch the numbers and give raw facts to the people currently living in Fort Sheridan (just North of Highland Park) that a golf course is not the best of ideas right now.

Residents claim that the Forest Preserve District has a ‘legal and moral’ obligation to restore the golf course that was previously on the grounds. However, officials with the Forest Preserve claim that a project of this magnitude would be a costly effort and greens fees would be in the neighborhood of $140-$170 per 18-hole round.

"It isn't Pebble Beach, but it's close," said Dick Huey, a Ft. Sheridan resident referring to the majestic beauty of the now-decommissioned Army base.

It’s too much when you consider the number of golf courses in the area that offer cheaper and challenging golf. Even the Forest Preserve owns and operates golf gems like Thunderhawk and Countryside, so they’re not amateurs, nor are they trying to shirk any responsibility. Moreover, doesn't the Forest Preserve have a ‘legal and moral’ obligation to be in the black and operational?

The editors at IB18 would also like to remind Mr. Huey that if he wanted Pebble Beach, he should have bought there in the first place.

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DeeDee said...

I totally agree with you re: the forest preserve and the Ft. Sheridan golf course. it seems a shame to let it go...on the other hand, this isn't the time for spending several million $$$$ when there are other places people can play.

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