Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For J.P. Hayes, Honesty Was The Only Policy

If no good deed goes unpunished, then kudos to the PGA and professional golfer J.P. Hayes for providing the anomaly.

As IB18 reported some time ago, J.P. Hayes had turned himself in to PGA officials regarding the use of a prototype ball that was not approved by the USGA and thus, not allowed to be used in tournament play. In addition, the infraction occurred during Q-school, where golfers vie for the last few remaining spots on the PGA Tour.

As a result, J.P. Hayes’ was disqualified from the second stage of Q-school and his chances at returning to the PGA Tour simply vanished.

But Hayes’ honesty paid the most unlikely of dividends this past week when it was announced that the 43 year-old Wisconsin native would receive exemptions to participate at 5 PGA Tour events, including this week’s AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

In regards to all of the attention he’s received over the last few weeks, said Hayes, “[It] kind of felt like one of those things that we all do and we all expect each other to do.” He added, “… I would say that almost, I would hope, anyway, that 100 percent of us play by those standards.”

What is even more interesting (and welcomed by IB18 editors) is the fact that Hayes’ has shunned the limelight in regards to his noble act, and has turned down offers to give speeches about ethics to corporations and groups. Hayes doesn’t want to capitalize on a moral value, which should ultimately, not have a price tag. For ‘honesty’ is virtue that should be inherent present in all humans and should not be compromised in the name of greed.

This is the positive example that J.P. Hayes has set for himself. May we all learn from it.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, truly we have entered an age where simply doing the right thing earns inspection. "Come give a speech to our middle managers." "Come talk to the school." It's amazing. The corporate cultural landscape has become so shocked with bad practice that they're suddenly entranced by good behavior and stare at it like a new specimen in a zoo.

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