Monday, February 02, 2009

My Primate Wishes Were Granted, Somewhat

First of all, great game last night. Even though the Cards lost, Larry Fitzgerald is a stud and should have been the MVP anyway. Let’s move on.

As you may or may not know, the editors here at IB18 are serious connoisseurs of funny and any primate thrown into a commercial regardless of species is guaranteed to get a laugh.

A year to the day after we complained about the lack of monkeys during Super Bowl commercials, the people at Castrol (America’s leader in fighting viscosity and thermal breakdown in your car’s engine block) heeded the ha-ha call and went with some SAG chimps for its $3 million-30 second advert.

However, this time is wasn’t the monkeys that made us laugh. It was the final line of “Strange days indeed,” uttered by the flannelled dude sitting in the recliner.

For we, the editors at IB18 are also aware of when a line is being stolen… we steal them all the time.

For those that may be wondering what we're onto, here are the lyrics to John Lennon’s posthumous release of “Nobody Told Me.”

Most peculiar, mama.

And the monkeys, this time, were admittedly not so funny.

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Dee Dee said...

Monkeys.....I love 'em......I think I missed that ad, but that's okay....I didn't think any of the ads were very personal favorite was the Budweiser ad with the horse who travels all over the world to find his love. Tha game was great and you're right about Fitzgerald.....also the Steeler who caught that pass and ran for 100 yards.....Now I'm happy to say "Football season is OVER"woopprec

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