Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sir Charles Gets a Tune-Up

Hank Haney, world-renowned swing doctor and golf professional, has a dilly of a pickle in trying to figure out what in the world is wrong with the golf swing of former NBA star Charles “Round Mound Of Rebound” Barkley. The Golf Channel broadcasts this great undertaking starting on March 2nd at 9PM ET/8PM CT.

Here’s a look at what Hank will have to deal with… and it’s not pretty.

The editors of IB18 are not swing experts by any stretch of the imagination, nor will we try to be, but we know a bad golf stroke when we see one and can only surmise as to what ‘mental blocks’ exist inside Sir Charles’ shiny, bald dome.

It’s probably sounds something like this:

“Aw, s**t. My shot again? Glad it’s not a pro-am. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. This ball better go somewhere other than O.B. NO NO NO NO NO NO. Swing it easy, not hard, no easy, because there’s a little wind. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Maybe I’ll have a B.L.T. for lunch, only 4 holes until the turn. NO NO NO NO NO NO. Okay, here’s the takeaway. Who farted? NO NO NO NO NO NO,”

“Okay now downswing, wait, pause, is that MJ behind me? NO NO NO NO NO. Shift feet, or is it don’t shift my feet? Oh wait… It was me who farted. NO NO NO NO NO. Quit being a baby and just hit the ball. Impact! Damn… I’m O.B. again. Someone have an extra ball I could use?”

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Vince Spence said...

Great post. Like you and your editors, I have no clue on the golf swing, let alone CB's golf swing, but I could fix his problem in 5 seconds. Left-handed clubs.

Great picture of Sir Charles.

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