Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sorry Mr. Phelps, You Can’t Smoke It.

Among the most endearing qualities to the golf course at Riviera Country Club (host for this week’s host the Northern Trust Open) aside from its scenic beauty and countless number of celebrities who have graced its fariways, is the grass.

In 1934, Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) was planted after inclement weather threatened to destroy the course. A strong type of grass similar to Poa Annua (wintergrass), Kikuyu is arguably what makes Riviera a challenge as much as joy to play.

Because of it’s strong roots, the Kikuyu rough makes it hard for any club to get through cleanly. Kikuyu fairways, when cut correctly (usually through a process known as Verticutting), can leave a course with a plush, smooth surface, allowing for a better ball-roll. Kikuyu also has great tolerance for hot temperatrues as well as frost, making it a good, low maintenance option for golf course greenskeepers as well as homeowners with their own lawn.

However, its tendency to overgrow may prevent other plant species from flourishing and can damage small trees, as well as grow within cracks of stone and mortar.

Thus, it can be classified as a weed, but not the type you’d want to put in your bong.

2 Comentários:

Vince Spence said...

Being a product of the 60's, I have on at least one or two occasions witnessed friends inhaling various substances from a pipe or bowl. I may, or may not have, also participated.

My friends and I find it very unlikely that the young man addressing the bong in that now famous picture was a first-timer. Of course, we may not know of what we speak.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyu is the jewfro of courses.

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