Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank You, Reuters

A professional journalist has finally digested perhaps what IB18 editors have been chewing on for the last few weeks.

Mark Lamport-Stokes hits the nail right on the head when he writes, “With Woods competing, the media gather like moths around a candle fame. In contrast, a tournament without Woods is almost viewed as a non-event.”

And therein lies the problem… Not with Woods, but with those media members who want an injured, non-playing professional to simply breathe and speak, while other players toil in relative obscurity.

Even as Phil Mickelson, not necessarily an ‘unpopular’ player, successfully defended his title at Riviera this weekend with erratic and exciting play (63-72-62-72), the media still waits for Tiger like a virgin waiting in a whorehouse.

It’s just like Pee-Wee in the movie Porky’s who incessantly says “We’re gonna get laid.” Or like Dragline in Cool Hand Luke spouting off on his well endowed, soaped up ‘Lucille’.

We know! Quit beating it to death.

2 Comentários:

Andy G. said...

This picture of "Pee-Wee" kind of looks like Phil.

Jeff Goodman (Goods) said...

Kinda does, doesn't it? Thanks for the comment, big guy!

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