Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boxer Briefs, Fashionable and Functional

Tiger Woods once had some fans move a two-ton boulder out of the way of his lie. Bernhard Langer once climbed 8 feet up a tree to hit a chip shot.

But Swedish pro-golfer Henrik Stenson truly thought outside the box and his clothes at the WGC-CA Championship this past weekend.

From the ‘somewhat’ easy to assemble uber-furnishings of IKEA to the mutual safety-luxury principles of Volvo automobiles, the Swedes have been well known for combining creative philosophies with practical wisdom.

On the 3rd hole at Doral, Stenson’s ball found the water. Instead of taking the penalty shot and dropping the ball outside of the hazard, Stenson decided to play the shot (the ball was floating in about a half-inch of water). He removed all of his clothes, keeping only his underwear on and played the shot successfully from inside the hazard, hitting the ball about 30 yards safely back onto the grass.

Even though Stenson bogeyed the hole, shot a final round score of 83 and finished tied for 77th, his clothes stayed dry.

And he provided an indelible image into the minds of golf fans and PGA history forever.

The editors at IB18 are eternally grateful.

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